Leinster v. Northampton Heineken Cup Final 2011

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  • Lvlaukwitz says:

    It;s just a joke in other countries but every here calls the English Sheep Shaggers, especially the English Northern Monkeys. As unlike other places the English acutally have sex with sheep. Leinsnter taugh the northern monkeys a lesson in rugby.

  • Raichu234 says:

    OMG best game ever! Well one of them. A tale of two halves but give it to Leinster and I am a Quins fan!

  • CELEBFOOL says:

    woooooooo sexton’s on fire

  • jd47jd says:

    Leinster= Barcelona of Rugby
    Ireland HOPEFULLY AFTER 2011 WORLD CUP= Spain of Rugby

  • MADDIXT says:

    god this still annoys me, at least we stopped the great BOD getting a try!

  • TheBAXYGaming says:

    theirs nothing like watching this at a College in Northhampton and being the only Irish guy there 😀 what a day! End of 1st Half they were all singing your shit to me then end of second half i was singing your shit to them 😀

  • blaablaa256 says:


    clearly it was not, he has played good in most games but u cant score 28 points in every game nobody noticed him because he didnt score all the points in other games.
    if he isnt the best no 10 in europe then who is??

  • albertramsbottom3 says:

    @blaablaa256 what an idiot, thats the first good game he has had, fuch sake

  • dubcindub15 says:

    Anyone know what kinda clock time it was when Nacewa made the running back huge tackle when Northampton were looking like scoring? Made pure shit of yer man. That’s the technical term for it!

  • sarduspater01 says:

    I was there… I think I still have hangover from that night…. 😛

  • GuerillaGanja says:

    @rev0luti0nN0w oh yeah you’re right man, i meant to say back five if there is such a phrase. i know what tight 5 is…:)

  • rev0luti0nN0w says:

    Brilliant game, one of the greats

  • rev0luti0nN0w says:

    @GuerillaGanja The back row are not in the ‘tight five’, ya dope.. The tight five are the front and second rows, literally numbers 1 to 5. Sheesh…

  • rugbyisthegreatest1 says:

    best game i have ever seen, leinster destroyed them.

  • GuerillaGanja says:

    @thedementedplatypus yeah hes good. hopefully earls will start ahead of fitz. earls is on sick form whereas luke is playing poor, hes not as fast as earls and not as agile. bowe kearney and earls back 3 if fit

  • thedementedplatypus says:

    @GuerillaGanja and with the way sexton is currently performing ireland will be strong in the try scoring department with one of the best set of backs in the world

  • DnBDaily says:

    As a saints fan i was devastated, but that’s just rugby, the best in the world whether you win or lose. It was definitely worth the trip up there.

  • GuerillaGanja says:

    @thedementedplatypus he is a serious substitute, as are all the back rows no matter which ones are starting. im sure hell play ferris and obrien in one or two of the pool games. against australia i predict wallcace and o brien as flankers

  • thedementedplatypus says:

    @murph277v it will prob be what the whole 2012 things about, next year the two best teams in europe collide for what will be judjement day in the hrc final

  • murph277v says:

    @thedementedplatypus ah now,wait until munster and lienster play each thr in a hcfinal in cardiff,now that will be the final of all finals

  • thedementedplatypus says:

    @GuerillaGanja but at least it shows that ireland have strength in depth, cause ferris is prob gonna be on the bench and what a sub he would be to bring on eh

  • GuerillaGanja says:

    @thedementedplatypus oh no im not saying that he should be put there, i agree he would be immense around the park ball carrying, but as you said o callaghan would be better in scrum and lineout and doing the donkey work. it prob wont happen. i would love to see ferris heaslip and o brien in the back row, but o brien plays better at 6, and wallace is a good fetcher. hard decisions to be made.

  • thedementedplatypus says:

    @GuerillaGanja maybe ferris can play SR but o challaghan would be better in the line out and scrum, agree to disagree 🙂

  • GuerillaGanja says:

    @thedementedplatypus man, i said i saw that somewhere, its not my idea, and to be honest its not that far out the question, there are many flankers that play 2nd row. tom croft for example

  • thedementedplatypus says:

    @GuerillaGanja never fuck liverpool

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