Martin Castrogiovanni slaps Dylan Hartley – Leicester v Northampton – Premiership Semi-finals – 2011

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  • cucumber2111 says:

    The guy below me is a fucking genius, that will shut him up ! :L

  • g6379 says:

    @manwithnoname65 who won the game?

  • manwithnoname65 says:

    Wow, what a come-back, who helped you with that one then? Absolute genius. Now off you trot and do your homework sunshine, if you work hard enough at school there`s a job in McDonalds waiting for you, you pointless little wank-stain.

  • 00rouchy00 says:

    @manwithnoname65 hhahhaahahaha wow got proof ? naaah cuz you dont have a job. Stop wasting your time you stupid fucking little thinks hes mister big man. Your the biggest cunt ive ever spoken to. Go do something with your life.

  • manwithnoname65 says:

    @00rouchy00 Yeah I have a job sunshine, which is something you`ll be unlikely ever to experience as you are totally fucking illiterate. Its `quit` not `quite` you fucking know-it-all pigeon chested special needs child. I suggest you get your English teacher to spend more time with you. Now if I was you I`d give up while you`re behind, you don`t have anything from your tender 15 years to dish my way little boy. Now it`s quite late, must be time for mummy to wank you off before bed-time. Prick.

  • 00rouchy00 says:

    @manwithnoname65 hahaha you clearly dont have a life or a job. Ye obviously im 15 otherwise i wouldnt be playing EPDG would i you cunt. Pretty sure its nob. But well move on…….. Get a job and quite keyboard raging your a disgrace to rugby. Im no longer gunna put it the effort to talk to some fucking loser with no job, no life and hasnt got a clue about rugby. Na fuck off

  • manwithnoname65 says:

    @00rouchy00 So your 15 years old? I wasn`t far wrong then was I. A real man of the world, no doubt you`ve seen it all, done it all and got the T-shirt. At 15 you`re just a kid, you know nothing about life youngster. I don`t care if you train all day, every day, I don`t care if you`re a 20 stone 9 foot tall Goliath, you`re still a kid. And by the way, its`s “Knob” not “nob” you utter fucking half-wit. Now fuck off, I`ve got some teenagers to slap and it must be time for your mid-morning wank.

  • 00rouchy00 says:

    @manwithnoname65 shut the fuck up little boy. Im 6’3 and 13stone, and im 15 and train 5 times a week due to school and EPDG rugby. With matches every Saturday and Sunday so im not exactly Obese am I. You say i think im hard by typing on a keyboard when your doing exactly the same, so dont contradict yourself because you now look a complete nob. I accidentally spelt the ‘ N ‘ and ‘ W ‘ wrong way round on the word ‘ down ‘. You dont even know what EPDG IS?! or what castrogiovanni’s name is.

  • manwithnoname65 says:

    @00rouchy00 Don`t need to know anything about you, other than your very very boring, you feel hard tapping away on a key-board, you can`t spell, you`ve never played rugby ever because you`re no doubt too obese, and I`m guessing you`re roughly 13 years old.

  • 00rouchy00 says:

    @manwithnoname65 haha you really dont know anything about me. Just fuck off kid.

  • manwithnoname65 says:

    @00rouchy00 My god you are so boring. Do go away keyboard tough-guy, I bet you`ve never picked up a rugby ball in your insignificant pointless life. Off you trot.

  • 00rouchy00 says:

    @manwithnoname65 hah you clearly know alot About rugby then. Ye i can spell down? you dont even know Castrogiovanni’s name ? haaha ‘ castro-wats-is-balls ‘ your really fucking stupid you know that ? EPDG leicester tigers, look it up you fucking cunt and learn a thing a two about rugby. And learn some new insults that wern’t around when i was 11 you soft prick.

  • manwithnoname65 says:

    @00rouchy00 Can`t you spell `down` you thick cunt? Woopie fucking doo, you play EPDG rugby…and what the fuck is that then? I don`t care what you play sunshine, to me you are an absolute nobody…you are a meaningless globule of semen. Now get your fingers out of your sister and go to bed , there`s a good girl.

  • 00rouchy00 says:

    @manwithnoname65 oh ye go on then back it up? oh wait you cant because it didnt happen. Im pretty sure you play netball. Me? I play EPDG rugby so sit the fuck donw kid.

  • manwithnoname65 says:

    @00rouchy00 You tit, didn`t you watch the whole game? Castro-wats-is-balls ended up in reverse gear at the scrum after this one. And I`m still not a Saints fan or a Leicester fan. Now go away, I`m bored with you now little boy, must be time for your netball practice in a minute.

  • 00rouchy00 says:

    @manwithnoname65 oh shut the fuck up, not a leicester or a saints fan ? ye thats why your looking at these videos, well done mate. I hardly think you know what happened in the next scrum you prick, Oh ye stick insect? wow good insult. keyboard warrior.

  • ForzaAquila says:

    @manwithnoname65 i thought the points at the end proved otherwise…”looking so fucking clever”…i guess he did then didn’t he? 😛

  • manwithnoname65 says:

    @00rouchy00 Fuck off stick-insect, i`m neither a Saints fan or Leicester fan…just a neutral who enjoyed the irony of Mr happy-slapper tough guy running backwards in the next scrum.

  • 00rouchy00 says:

    @manwithnoname65 typical posh saints cunt looking for an excuse for getting embarrassed. You lost stop whining.

  • mptrax says:

    They fighted during the entire match… probably they will have a beer together :DD

  • kaino1990 says:

    @raggedtraveler and theyre being replaced by multiple videos of him punching ashton!

  • chazhop95 says:

    Hartley made him look a mug in the end.

  • tyrant1505 says:

    @igotaniphone3gs Leinster fully deserved the win, but you obviously know Hartley and Ashton well by your comments then???

  • thecasualsaints1 says:

    view from a liecester fan: good he deserves to be slapped, view from any other rugby fan: held his cool then ripped him to shreds in the next scrum.

  • ElliotJackRussel says:

    MVGN21 channel watch it

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