Northampton Saints Get Bristol Players

Northampton Saints are set to start the season as they mean to go on, with the signing of players like Jamal Ford-Robinson and Mitch Eadie, both joining from Bristol to play for the club this season.

Many teams are looking at ways to increase performance levels and one of the ways of doing that is to reshuffle players and infuse fresh blood in the team levels. Whilst new contracts are being offered to different players now as the New Year has begun in an attempt to keep hold of players, and keep them at clubs on a long-term basis, the simplest way of getting fresh momentum is to bring players in.

Mitch Eadie is signed on as number eight while Jamal Ford-Robinson would be playing as a front rower, and both will be set to join when the new 2017-18 season kicks off. Tickets aren’t yet on sale to see them in action next season, but will be available through this link when they are!

Both players are notable players of Bristol and they were offered new contracts as well at Bristol. The team was able to move to the top rung in part due to the performances of both players and others in the team.

Eadie is 24 years of age and had put in about 126 appearances while Ford-Robinson has played for the team about 36 times, being 23 years of age. Eadie is also known as an ex Scotland player who has played in the under 20 category. He even scored against Northampton Saints earlier in the season.

Indeed, it is often the opposition players who get highlighted and create the impression on the coaches. Mitch and Jamal were noted for their impressive performances when they played for Bristol against Northampton. It is no coincidence that the coaches put in a bid for these two players for the next season.

Eadie says that it was a difficult decision to take as Bristol had been the club that had given him premier opportunities. The head coach of Bristol is also disappointed with the pair leaving. However, that is how things work among teams and it is in the interest of the future career of the players that they have made this decision.

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