Tom Wood Likes Frozen Song

Well, Tom Wood, the captain of Northampton Saints, listens to, wait for it – ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen for inspiration while he’s at the gym.

According to him, this global hit is a big inspiration for him. That sounds totally odd, right? Yes, it does. But they don’t care. The team is happy to listen to ‘Let It Go’ the whole day, if it helps them perform well. After all, who would think that those big, macho men will listen to Disney tunes for inspiration? Wood, 29, confirmed that they played the song couple of times at the gym.

There’s more to come. Wood recently appeared on BBC Radio. He talked extensively about the Disney tune. Moreover, he beat Ian Hunter, the former Saints player (he also played for England), in a ‘Disney theme tune’ quiz – that too for a score of 9-1!

You thought only his music taste pointed at the children’s movies? You are wrong. When asked about his favorite film, he picked ‘The Jungle Book. And he was unabashed about his love of Disney films in general. He said he has always been a fan of Disney films and music. Those movies teach you a lot of valuable life lessons, he said. He added that those movies provide a lot of moral guidance and knowledge. May be, Disney films can offer a lot of insight to adults as well!

Because of his passion for cartoon classics, his team management felt that Wood shouldn’t be in charge of selecting music for the changing rooms. Instead, his teammates will be in charge of that duty. The team has a song for daily power training and Alex Waller has been entrusted of selecting that anthem for the team.

Wood also talked about his relationship with England coach Eddie Jones. He had a disappointing performance at the 2015 World Cup campaign. It was reported that the coach said that his performance was average during a private phone call. Wood says that media created a lot of noise over this. He adds that he’s not bitter about that incident at all.

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