1Z73 The Doric Olympian with 6201 Princess Elizabeth from London to Crewe

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  • 60103Henry says:

    Great Video, 5 Stars!

  • LMSStanier says:

    Great filming, even if it was filmed in the dark. I bet she looked spectacular at night from the lineside?

  • campainr says:

    Must have looked great going through Nuneaton. Lineside or train? That is the question! In the end I chose train, but going up the Trent Valley, and especially through Stafford must have looked absolutely fantastic from the platform!

  • sirhcsteam says:

    Great sight from lineside,as you filmed platform 1 at Nuneaton, I was filming from platform 2

  • ffeog4568 says:

    Nice one 5*

  • campainr says:

    It was! Absolutely fantastic! Unfortunately, I was only able to get a window in the darkness, but the atmosphere was incredible, its a shame that no camera can capture that!

  • NN2Blue says:

    Looks a great trip! 5* – Mike

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