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The game between Northampton and Leicester Tigers which will see Northampton as visitors, will be the first East Midlands derby for Michael Paterson.

The flanker, ahead of the derby, has said that the game is a must win game for them. He was part of the Northampton Saints team that went on to concede a late score last Friday in their game against Newcastle Falcons.

With five minutes into the game, Saints had battle valiantly, and thus secured a 16-15 lead with no more than 5 minutes left on the clock. This was despite the absence of prop, Kieran Brookes who had been sent off just two minutes before half time.

They could not keep the lead for so long or even go on to extend it as NikiGoneva crossed before the extras were kicked in by Joel Hodgson.

Paterson and his fellow squad mates will on Saturday, visit Welford Road in the game against Leicester Tigers and for the flanker, he believes it would be a lively game for them and a vital one at that especially since it was between a close rival of theirs. (more…)

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Tom Wood Likes Frozen Song

Well, Tom Wood, the captain of Northampton Saints, listens to, wait for it – ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen for inspiration while he’s at the gym.

According to him, this global hit is a big inspiration for him. That sounds totally odd, right? Yes, it does. But they don’t care. The team is happy to listen to ‘Let It Go’ the whole day, if it helps them perform well. After all, who would think that those big, macho men will listen to Disney tunes for inspiration? Wood, 29, confirmed that they played the song couple of times at the gym.

There’s more to come. Wood recently appeared on BBC Radio. He talked extensively about the Disney tune. Moreover, he beat Ian Hunter, the former Saints player (he also played for England), in a ‘Disney theme tune’ quiz – that too for a score of 9-1!

You thought only his music taste pointed at the children’s movies? You are wrong. When asked about his favorite film, he picked ‘The Jungle Book. And he was unabashed about his love of Disney films in general. He said he has always been a fan of Disney films and music. Those movies teach you a lot of valuable life lessons, he said. He added that those movies provide a lot of moral guidance and knowledge. May be, Disney films can offer a lot of insight to adults as well! (more…)

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Saints Victory Against Bristol

Northampton Saints have their last victory against Bristol to inspire them as they gear up to face Castres this weekend in France. Many players had helped to make a difference when the team played against Bristol. For instance, Louis Picamoles was one of the star players in that game.

It was an Aviva Premiership game where Louis was able to perform well along with other tries put in by players like Myler, Hanrahan, Wood and Haywood. Mallinder was able to make a successful goal in this game. There were other tries such as by Woodward and Fenton-Wells. (more…)


Northampton Gear Up For Six Nations

Northampton players have challenging games ahead of them this month. As the European league is being played out for the qualification rounds, the final two games are crucial for the team. It would also have different significances for the team players. For instance, Foden is a full back player who is 31 years of age. He backs other players like Alex Goode, Anthony Watson and Mike Brown for the 15 number shirt in the team. Burrell has been trying to upgrade his performance and the upcoming games would surely give him enough of opportunities.

George North is another player who has come back to the team after suffering concussions several times over the past two years and more. Hence, it is time that he showcases his fitness or his chances to have an international career might go down. Team member like Teimana Harrison, who plays number eight, would be facing the French side which would be beneficial for him. (more…)


Northampton Battle It Out In France

Northampton has had three victories so far in the Premiership games. The knockout games for the European challenge cup are currently going on and the team has had a single win so far. All they need is another win that will gain them a future in the European games.

This is a gap period before the Six Nations games start off and it is a vital period for the Saints. The team needs to build momentum as the playoff games are coming up against teams like Bath and Leicester. If they are able to put up a consistent performance, fans can have high hopes for the team this year. (more…)


Contrasting Game Fortunes

Northampton Saints contrast in their game fortunes. For instance, the game that they played last time with Castres saw them managing to keep the minimum point requirement. However the game that they played against Bristol Rugby saw them winning with a score of 32 against 26. This win was not very dominant for the team as they had to make several attempts and defend at the same time.

However the director of the team, Jim Mallinder was satisfied with the win. The game saw two attempts coming in from Louis Picamoles. This helped the team to stay in a dominant position in the first half. However, Bristol did not give up easily and soon there was a tie position. With two penalties that Bristol gained put the Saints back on a victorious position. (more…)