Northampton Saints 31-24 Leeds Carnegie – Aviva Premiership Rugby Highlights Round 22 | 07-05-11

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  • N1ghtstar4 says:

    U gta admire leeds’ effort if they played like that the whole season they might have finished 6th or 7th

  • ilkleyrugby15 says:

    I was listening to commentary and from what i heard from it is that the ref was wrong. and if you look ashton as he goes into the ruck is from the side not through the gate which the tackler goes through but does not let go off the tackled player aswell then ashton ends up near ball and the tackler is lying all over preventing the tackled player placing the ball back.
    But least theres always next year to come back up then they should set up a no relegation like in rugby league help build clubs.

  • jonesyphoenix89 says:

    Leeds lost the game not due to poor refereeing or illegality at the breakdown; they were in possession and simply not finishing when they had the opportunity. Full credit to Saints, they defended brilliantly and kept their heads up which proved to be the decisive blow. Leeds were unlucky to an extent, but should have finished with the opportunities they had.

    I might be praising Saints alot, but trust me it hurts…I’m a Saracen.

  • nsaunders92 says:

    i think you might be blind at the end it is clear that aston wasn’t in at the side and the only players off their feet were leeds player and tonga uiha who was the tackler and making a good effort to roll away. also usually if the penalty count is large for a team its because their discipline was bad not a bad ref

  • mangos118 says:

    a few dodgy decisions but i dont think the ref wanted leeds to relegated…

  • ilkleyrugby15 says:

    look at the end players off there feet ashton in at side less than 10 out shows this ref wanted leeds down penalty count was major against leeds that game needs to reviewed leeds did not deserve to go down after that first half

  • Euhanrules says:

    Poor Leeds

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