Rugby League in Norway!

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  • jim bob says:

    no offence and i know they were training but they were shit

  • teethsten says:

    judging by the pictures of all the fights perhaps its not good appraisal

  • Norcissius says:

    Facial hair guy still: .. you need to do something smart .. or… still
    smiling. Anchor: Rugby league is played in more than 50 countries and is
    one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Ingredients like ceremonies
    to taunt the opposition, and straight on brawls has made the sport a
    success with the audience, but there is a long way to go from a full
    stadium in Australia, to a mosquito infested field in Romeriket and three
    curious neighbours.

  • rakokako says:

    All blacks!!

  • Norcissius says:

    News Anchor: Rugby is probably one of the least spread sports in Norway.
    However, a group of enthusiasts are trying to make an extra brutal version
    of rugby a new Norwegian folksport. When they start grabbing each other and
    touch each others bottoms: These clingy guys are Norwegian sports pioneers.
    A year ago, they started Lillestrøm Lions, the first Rugby League club in
    “Norden” (Scandinavia?). Differentiating from normal rugby, the league
    version has a minimal rule set.

  • Norcissius says:

    Still Anchor: However, with a dead serious professional Australian showing
    the way, the ambitions are hight for development in Norway. Warren the Tool
    talks: Anchor: Already next year, a national league is being initiated, and
    an extention of todays system from 4 to 8 teams. Facial hair: This is
    really exciting. The game in Tromsø will be the worlds most northern game,
    ever played, so that’s going to raise some attention.

  • Norcissius says:

    Guy with the facial hair: Rugby league is simple. Your main goal is to get
    past your opposition and ground the ball on the other side. Anchor again:
    However, it’s not as simple as that. Pretty much any physical move can be
    used to stop an attack, in what is often regarded as the worlds toughest
    team sport. Andreas: Bjørseth: It’s not as brutal at training as during a
    game. We try to stay fit and uninjured till our games come up. Facial hair
    guy: When you run at two big guys.. smiles..

  • z0mgrugbyreturns says:

    Hey. Translation? What does the news guy say?

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